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Is your teen acting differently than they usually do? Maybe they’ve inexplicably lost weight, or have lost interest in their usual hobbies. Does something just seem off?

You might have a teen on drugs. It’s a parent’s worst nightmare, but catching it early will prevent it from growing into a full-on addiction.

Look out for these signs of drug use in teens so you can take measures to get them clean before more drastic measures, like rehabilitation, need to be taken.

They’re More Secretive

If you notice your teen acting more secretive than usual, chances are they’re hiding something.

When they take phone calls, do they go outside or in their room and lock the door? Do you often see a list of strange phone numbers on their cell phone, not recognizing any contacts of their closest friends?

Some teens will also use “burners,” or disposable cell phones that can’t be tracked. Try to monitor their cell phone habits, and make sure they’re consistently using the same phone.

Personality Changes

Erratic moods and disinterest in previous hobbies are two big signs of potential drug use in teens.

They also might not be sleeping well. Stay vigilant throughout the night to observe their sleeping habits.

If they sleep all day and stay up all night, that could be a sign of drug use, too. It’s possible that they’re using in the house, and taking advantage of the time when everyone’s asleep.

Physical Cues

Keep an eye out for telling physical cues on your teen. If they care less about their appearance than they used to, they might be using.

Eyes can be very telling, too. If they’re glassy or red, they could be using marijuana. If your teen’s pupils are dilated or pinpointed, they could be using cocaine or amphetamines.

Small Clues

There are a slew of small clues that can help you pinpoint drug abuse. Keep an eye out for little things, like:

  • burn holes on clothing or on sheets
  • blank checks stolen from the center of your checkbook
  • your teen always seems to be out of money, despite their part-time job

The most unsuspecting things can also serve as paraphernalia. Do you notice cut up straws, empty pens, or empty bottle caps lying around? Those could be paraphernalia.

Also stay on the lookout for small empty baggies, mint containers, pieces of tinfoil, broken pill capsules, wide rubber bands, little vials, and small wrappers. While they may look like junk to you, these scraps of garbage are actually used by teens on drugs across the globe when they’re trying to be discreet.

Spotting Signs of Drug Use in Teens

Now that you’ve read up on some of the most telling signs of drug use in teens, hopefully you feel more armed to stay vigilant.

If your teen shows any of these signs, they might be a candidate for rehabilitation. Residential rehabilitation can work wonders for a teen in their formative years. Today is a great day to start your teen’s journey to recovery.