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Are you or a loved one considering rehab?

You may ask yourself: what is rehab like? Is it scary? Is it difficult?

The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone. Almost 3 million people are admitted to rehab each year.

Keep reading to find out what it’s like in rehab and what you should expect.

What Is Rehab Like?

Rehab can be one of the best decisions an addict could ever make. It’s also the most challenging.

Your first few days will be the worst you’ve ever experienced. Detox is not easy, but under the appropriate supervision, it can be overcome.


Most (if not all) licensed and certified drug and rehab facilities require a detoxification phase. It’s the start of the full rehabilitation process.

During this time, a patient must remove all traces of drugs and alcohol from their body. It means fighting the urge and dealing with the bodily consequences.

In more extreme cases, medication will be administered to a patient with severe withdrawal symptoms. These cases are usually related to opiate and heroin addictions.


When a person consumes a certain drug or alcohol (or both) regularly, addiction forms. The body becomes accustomed to having a certain supply of the substance.

Once the substance is denied and removed, the patient will experience withdrawal symptoms. The severity of the symptoms will vary depending on individual factors.

Early Mornings

One of the main points of any program is to encourage a healthier lifestyle. This includes waking up early to begin the day.

Most programs start their mornings with a healthy breakfast and yoga. The idea is to relax you.

You can expect a group session shortly after the early morning activities. It’s led by a counselor and focuses on related topics to the recovery process.


As a patient, you can expect to be involved in many different types of therapies. Each one is uniquely tailored to specific issues.

Individual Behavioral Therapy

One of the most effective methods in treatment centers is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Its goal is to define and understand your responses to various triggers.

Once they’re identified, your counselor will guide you on how to approach them in the future.

Group Therapy

The idea of group sessions is to show patients that they’re not alone. It’s encouraged to build relationships with others during the program so that you can help each other.

During these sessions, you have the opportunity to share personal stories. It can be very gratifying to just be able to tell someone about it. The best part is that someone else may have a similar story.

Specialized Sessions

Some facilities use what they call specialized sessions. They’re specifically tailored to an individual patient dealing with certain crises such as anger or stress management.

Coping techniques will be offered to improve your ability to engage with those emotions and handle them better.

Family Therapy

Support of those closest to you is crucial to the healing process. Addiction affects the whole family. Some can become enablers or combat the situation with anger and resentment.

During family sessions, everyone is allowed to speak. They can bring up issues they’ve been too scared to talk about and have their feelings addressed.

Get Help Now

We’ve answered the question: what is rehab like? You know it can be a scary prospect, but it is the best way to overcome addiction. Whether you or a loved one needs it, the time to act is now.

If you have any questions about us or our programs, feel free to contact us. If you’re ready to get started, head over to our admissions page.