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Did you know there are more than 15,000 rehabilitation centers in the US? Surprisingly, only a small percentage of drug addicts visit these facilities.

In 2012, for instance, rehabs only treated 2.5 million drug addicts. That’s a small number given that there are more than 23 million addicts in the country.

The good news is that the number of the addicts in the rehabs can increase if the families of the addicts try to convince them to seek help.

But how do you convince a loved one to get into rehab given that addicts are often in denial?

Well, here’s how to get someone into rehab.

Step 1: Look for Signs of Addiction

The first thing you need to do before telling a loved one about rehab is to look for signs of addiction.

There are many warning signs of alcohol or drug abuse–from a change in your loved one’s behavior to minor injuries, weight loss, or variations in sleep patterns.

You should ensure you have indisputable proof of addiction before you move on to the next step. Having evidence of addiction will make it hard for your loved one to dismiss your concerns.

Step 2: Understand How Rehabs Work

Before you talk to your loved one, you need to learn a few things about rehabs and how they work. This will give you a clear picture of the treatment process and the amount of time your loved one will spend in rehab.

Once you understand how the treatment centers work, think about the most acceptable one and how you can persuade your loved one to start treatment.

Step 3: Talk to Them

Talking to a loved one about their addiction can be hard work because of the sensitivity of such a conversation. You can start the discussion by telling them about your concerns.

Ensure you talk to them when they’re not under the influence of alcohol or drugs and avoid using abusive or accusatory words. Instead, use words that will invite them to engage in the conversation so you can learn more about their addiction.

You should be prepared to deal with resistance. For instance, they might say they’re not addicted to drugs. They may also try to convince you that they’ll stop.

Don’t let them fool you! Be persistent.

It’s important to note that the first step to recovery is admitting you’re an addict. If you can politely convince your loved one that they might be struggling with drug addiction, your chances of getting them into a treatment center will increase.

Step 4: Find out How They’re Fighting Addiction

Now that the drug addict has admitted that they have a problem, you need to ask them if they’ve ever tried to seek help. This will make them feel in control and make it easy for you to introduce the idea of rehab.

Ask the addict if they would like to go to rehab. Regardless of their response, tell them about the treatment process and its benefits. Also, tell them you’ll be by their side during the treatment process.

If your loved one becomes hostile when you mention rehab, it may be wise to talk about it later or hire an interventionist.

An interventionist is a skilled and experienced professional who can help you get your loved one to rehab.

Step 5: Show Love, Support, and Understanding

Once your loved one has agreed to give rehab a try, you should ensure they feel loved and supported during the treatment. Remind them every day that you believe in them and are proud of them.

Also, make sure the staffs at the facility you choose are empathetic and committed to helping addicts. This will make your loved one feel supported and make their recovery process smooth and successful.

Wrapping up on How to Get Someone into Rehab

Drug addicts are often hard to convince, but you shouldn’t give up. Now that you’ve learned how to get someone into rehab, you can quickly come up with a strategy that can work.

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