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Turn a New Leaf

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Entering New Leaf Recovery is a Simple Process

Beginning Treatment at New Leaf Recovery is a Simple process.  We built it this way to make this process as painless as possible.

Step 1: Contact Us

Call us at 216-465-6270. The call is confidential and doesn’t require any commitment.

Step 2: Tell Us About You

We want to learn about you.  Your safety is our first priority and keeping with this, we need to understand you more to ensure our facility is right for you.

Step 3: Insurance Verification and Payment Review

We accept almost all PPO private insurance policies with little to no money out of pocket.  However, it is important to know what to expect financially if there is any obligation.  We will review your insurance with your insurance company and provide you with all the details.

Step 4: Schedule Your Admission

Once you have been cleared for admittance into our program, we will schedule your intake date and time.  We help find flights and arrange for airport pick-up.



Are you ready to start your new life? Call Today:216-465-6270

Turn A New Leaf

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Contact us today and begin your journey to a better life:216-465-6270

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