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Almost 50% of the American population have a friend or family member who has or is actively struggling with drug addiction.

Fortunately, there are rehab centers all over the country that are especially suited to help you or a loved one through this difficult time in life. These addiction centers specialize in a variety of substance abuse issues. They also offer different approaches to helping people get clean and stay that way.

But which one should you pick?

Our team at New Leaf Ohio have put together a list of the three things you should consider when seeking a drug rehab center.

1) Do You Want Inpatient or Outpatient Treatment?

Rehab centers offer people two types of treatment, inpatient and outpatient.

With inpatient treatment, you’ll live onsite while getting help with addiction. This type of treatment is comprehensive, round the clock and experiences high rates of success in getting people off of drugs and helping those formerly addicted stay sober.

Outpatient treatment is a commuter’s drug treatment program. Oftentimes people worry about getting the help they need while continuing to manage their responsibilities. Outpatient programs let them come into treatment daily and then go home.

Some treatment centers will offer both inpatient and outpatient programs. Some will only offer one or the other. Knowing which one you need will help narrow your drug rehab center choices.

2) What Is the Center’s Approach to Treating Addiction?

There are varying schools of thought when it comes to addiction treatment. A basic level of treatment may just consist of a drug detox program and check-ins with a physician.

A holistic approach may include detox, check-ins, group therapy, nutritional therapy, meditation, exercise, and more.

Addiction is often a multifaceted disease. In order to understand each of your unique facets and untangle the relationship you have with addiction, comprehensive treatment may be required.

Understand the depth of treatment offered at the facility you’re considering and how it will meet your needs before committing to a rehab center.

3) What Tools Does the Center Provide to Stay Clean?

Stopping substance abuse is only a battle in the larger war of sobriety. For many, staying clean after completing treatment is a daily challenge they’ll face for the rest of their lives.

Ask yourself, what does the rehab facility you’re considering offer in terms of extended support?

Will you be able to check in with the facility from time to time to ensure your continued progress? Can they connect you with local support groups for continued emotional growth? Are they able to connect you with a sober living facility after completing treatment?

All of these are important questions you should ask of the facility that’s going to be treating you. This will help you have a plan to stay clean long after you graduate from treatment.

Summarizing Picking A Drug Rehab Center

Finding the right kind of rehab center to help you beat your addiction is important to your success.

To help you on your way, know if you want inpatient or outpatient treatment. Consider the different treatment approaches a drug rehab center offers. Also, know what support they’ll give you after you graduate.

If you’re looking for a luxury rehab facility with a stellar track record of helping patients take their lives back from addiction, look no further than New Leaf Ohio.

Our team at New Leaf takes a holistic approach to treating patients struggling with alcohol and heroin addiction.

Find out what our world-class facility and staff can do by letting us be your partner in recovery.