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In 2016, over 64,000 Americans died because they overdosed on an illegal or prescription drug. If you are addicted to drugs, you’re probably terrified that you, too, will one day die from an overdose — but not as scared as the prospect of living without your drug of choice.

We understand. Sobriety is scary. It’s even more so when you attempt to go it alone, but it is possible to get clean and to have caring, compassionate people who will stand by your side at every step.

Are you ready to change your life for the better? Find out why residential treatment programs remain the gold standard for helping people kick their addiction to heroin or alcohol.

1. Qualified Experts Will Help You Detox

Often, the first 24-48 hours in a residential treatment facility will be devoted to detoxing. You will be medically supervised as you undergo this process. You may be administered drugs to help minimize the symptoms of withdrawal.

Ever tried to get sober on your own? Then you know how debilitating and downright painful it is to go cold turkey — and how tempting it is to use again, just to avoid that pain.

2. Residential Treatment Programs Provide a Safe Space

A residential substance abuse treatment center gives you a safe space. It’s a supportive environment. That makes it much easier to detox, to discover why you use, and to learn new, healthy habits.

There are no distractions. No drinking or drugging buddies are expecting you to use with them. There are zero temptations in the form of drugs or alcohol.

Yes, you will eventually have to navigate the outside world once again. By the time that bridge must be crossed, however, you will have an incredible toolkit of sober living skills.

3. You Will Be in Good Company

Residential treatment programs are a place where you can let your guard down. You may not even realize how much stress it has caused you to feign sobriety in certain circles and pretend you’ve got your life under control, while also doing anything it takes to get your next fix.

Here, you don’t have to pretend. The other residents know what you’re going through. They are on a similar journey to recovery.

The caring, professional staff has your back, too! They’ve chosen this line of work for the express purpose of understanding and helping people just like you.

4. You Will Learn Useful Skills for Sober Living

Counselor, therapists, and your peers in the program will help you uncover the reasons you abuse alcohol or heroin. They will also teach you new and useful skills that will serve you in good stead as you go on to live a sober life.

These skills range from healthy coping mechanisms to more practical matters, like finding a job and even learning how to cook healthy meals for yourself. In short, you’ll leave residential treatment fully equipped to live a full, rewarding life of recovery.

5. You Will Be Able to Relax

When was the last time you truly relaxed — without the help of heroin or booze (which provide only short-lived relief from daily stressors)? Our private and luxurious facility has plenty of amenities to help you slough off stress and truly relax.

The property includes a library, TV room, outdoor pool and spa, enclosed BBQ area, and tennis courts.

Residential Treatment Programs Work

We’re not saying that they can work magic. You need to be committed to getting sober and turning your life around. If you are tired of the terrible rollercoaster of addiction, however, residential treatment programs can help you stop the ride.

We also understand that reaching out to ask for help can be very hard. Are you ready to make that decision? Contact us to learn more about how to turn over your new leaf, and learn to love your life once again.