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Did you know that over 12 percent of Americans suffer from alcoholism?

Even though health experts often warn us about the damage of alcohol addiction to the individual. We often forget the many effects of alcoholism on families.

The most worrying consequence of alcoholism in families is that over 10 percent of American children have a parent with alcohol addiction.

One of the most important stages in a person’s recovery from alcohol abuse is the realization of how they are affecting the people around them.

Keep reading to find out more about the 5 ways alcohol addiction affects your family.

1. Missing Plans

Whether it’s someone’s birthday or a vacation break, people with alcohol addictions regularly miss plans with families.

The shame of alcoholism often leads people to avoid situations in which they can be exposed. It’s sometimes just a matter of losing track of time when you’re deep in your alcoholism.

Alcoholics often make promises to people that they don’t stick to. They end up getting drunk and explain away their behavior as out of their hands.

Many people with an alcoholic in the family have to constantly deal with the worry that a missed occasion is the last time they’ll see their loved one. They are always terrified of the late-night phone call to come to the hospital.

2. Living with Guilt

One of the most difficult parts of living with someone who has an addiction to alcohol is knowing how to respond to them. You don’t want to kick them out of the house or completely ignore them.

But you also don’t want to encourage their alcoholism by showing too much sympathy. You know that you have to show tough love sometimes. But this often leads you to feel guilty and blaming yourself for the troubles of someone you love.

3. Emotional Blackmail

Alcoholics often start off the night as the life and soul of the party. Everyone wants to be around you. This doesn’t last long before the alcohol takes hold and the night ends in anger, violence or depression, and sadness.

Your loved ones want to help you when you’re in this situation. But it’s difficult to know how to behave around someone gripped by alcoholism. Many people feel compelled to walk on eggshells to avoid things getting worse.

This often results in emotional blackmail, in which the alcoholic realizes how they can manipulate the people around them.

4. Stress and Anxiety

Living and loving an alcoholic is often filled with stress and anxiety for the family members.

The partner often has to live without the support of the alcoholic. The children grow up without the presence of their mother or father.

Along with the worry of the alcoholic’s health, relationships within the family often break-down.

5. Financial Costs

Alcoholism is extremely expensive to maintain. Alcoholics often spend a week’s salary in bars and at home on drinking. It doesn’t matter whether it’s breakfast or an afternoon in the park, an alcoholic brings drink wherever they go.

Alcoholics also end up spending money on other things they don’t need in a drunken state. They might struggle to keep down a job. Legal problems can also ensue from driving under the influence of alcohol or drinking an open bottle in public places.

Effects of Alcoholism on Families

If you’re suffering from alcoholism, it’s important to realize the effects of alcoholism on families. Understanding that your alcohol addiction doesn’t just affect you but the people around you could give you a boost to give up the addiction.

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